How To Invest In Gold

The Easy Way

From time to time you’re going to wonder about what you should invest in. Everyone does, and most people factor in the common answers that abound, such as stock market, mutual funds, and other saving options. But what if you want something different? If you want to work with gold, for example, you’ll find that it can be a bit daunting at first glance. Not everyone is going to be able to buy gold at full retail, but that shouldn’t stop you. If you are serious about investing precious metals, there are several ways that you can go about it. The following are just some of the easy ways that you can invest in gold. However, remember that gold values fluctuate, so that should be on your mind as you look into the processes below.

Buying Gold Bars

Right now you can buy 1 ounce gold bars at $1500 or so dollars, and often, get them shipped to your home or office free of charge. You could work with a wide variety of companies, and each one will send you items in the mail with discreet packaging and more. That’s just an example, mind you, the price points vary, and businesses that sell gold make a profit on the sale, they do not just go with the inherent value. However, you will get bars that are 100% valuable, proofed, and will give you direct access to investing in literal pieces of gold. If you don’t want to buy just 1 ounce, you don’t have to, you could easily buy bullion by weight. At the time of this writing gold is valued at $1,298.20 an ounce, so you can see that there is a markup on average, but there are some companies that will sell it for less, you’ll have to shop around in that regard.

Buying Gold Coins

You could buy coins directly from mints, and other locations. The thing about coins is that you can get them at nearly the cost of the value of gold. As stated above, gold is valued at $1,298.20 at the present, and you could buy coins that are pressed at 1 ounce, for roughly $1,344.92 and sometimes less. The good thing about that is that the markup is a lot less than bars, and you could collect many of these coins with relative ease. The key is to find a reputable dealership, or coin shop that you can trust, and that’s it. Collecting pure gold coins is an interesting hobby, and great way to invest in gold, the easy way.

The Stock Market

For those that don’t want to have a ton of gold sitting around the house, you don’t have to buy physical gold pieces. There is a third option that you can invest in that requires very little work, but does require money, and can give you a great deal of a push forward in investments. This option is investing in gold mining stocks. There are companies that mine gold all the time, and they are publicly traded, which you can invest in as low as $13 a share. Some of the companies that you can look into in this regard are, Barrick Gold, Newmont Mining, Goldcorp, and several others. This is different than directly buying gold, but the investment strategy is similar, only it’s stocks.